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(Ready To Flower) “RTF” plants (available) June-July

B&B Cultivation is proud to offer “Ready To Flower Genetics” to Maine caregivers. Our award winning strains and scientific cultivation methods provide TOP quality plants ready to fill your flower room. All of our plants are carefully screened and meticulously cared for; we offer pre-topped teens with established roots and vegetation canopies ready to go.

We take care of VEGETATION, allowing you or your organization a cost effective solution to increase your operational output. Manage your grow cycles faster and more affordable than ever with reliable genetics on demand.

—Ready to Flower Genetics are well rooted in (1) Gallon pots (pre-topped) and ready to go directly into your flowing room. ALL of our genetics are cycled through a preventative maintenance care checklist to ensure the highest quality. —

B&B Cultivation produces ALL plant material using sustainable methods and technology


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We have “super-WELL-rooted clones of some fantastic stains in house and also offer custom orders with “customer provided material” to fulfill your order. For more details, give us a ring and let’s start the conversation





Rare Genetics – High Yielding






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