Maine's Leading Medical Cannabis Provider. Thoroughly Tested. Retail Store Now Open!

1259 Roosevelt Trail, Raymond, Maine 04071, United States

(207) 655-6373


What is required to purchase from us?

In order to purchase Medical Marijuana from us you must have a valid MMP Certification and a valid ID. *No Recreational sales until Laws Permit*

Are we accepting new patients?

Yes! Give us a call spots are limited!

Do we deliver?

Delivery is available with proper identification and both MMJ cards. Please ask how we can make your relief easier for you.  For delivery service call   207-693-2690.

How do you know our products are safe?

Here at B&B Cultivation we test every product we sell thoroughly through the great team at Sensible Labs LLC. We test for Potency, Cannabinoid Profile, Heavy Metals & Molds.

Do you have a brick and mortar store front?

Yes!! We are Now Open! Come say Hi.

1259 Roosevelt Trail Raymond, Maine 04071

What method of growing do we utilize in our facility?

Our entire facility is Hydroponic! We utilize the most advanced form of growing known  as Recirculating Deep Water Culture (RDWC).  We use full spectrum energy conscious LED lighting.

Do you offer any deals?

Military Discount

We proudly offer our nation's finest twenty percent off their entire order.  We are a veteran owned and operated business and will always support our men and women of the United States Armed armed forces.

Grand Opening Sale

Purchase one ounce of cannabis flower, and get 1/8 ounce free.  Purchase two ounces of cannabis flower, and get 1/2 ounce free! While supplies last. Subject to change at any time. Can not be combined with any other program or offer.

B&B Loyalty Program

We reward our loyal clients.  Purchase seven 1/8 ounces of flower, and your eighth eighth is free.  It's as simple as that.  Get YOUR B&B loyalty card today, and start feeling the rewards!!