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Power Patient Plan

CANNABIS Ambassador and Rewards Program


Cannabis TRUTH

Nature's remedies that are often overlooked are truly the answer and the keys to
helping solve the greatest problems. Further medical understanding of the
endocannabinoid system has led to scientific confirmation regarding the use of
Cannabis as a medical tool to solve TODAY’S crisis.
Natural remedies are everywhere in NATURE!

Are YOU ready to join the CANNABIS industry as an “Ambassador” for the amazing healing properties of Cannabis?

Have YOU ever wanted to help your friends and neighbors with useful information regarding Natural pain management?

Do YOU have a passion for all things Cannabis?

Would YOU like to spread the “GOOD Word” about Cannabis and get rewarded?


It's 2022 and Cannabis is becoming more mainstream as an alternative remedy for medical ailments and treatments. It’s no secret that Cannabis has a profound interaction with the human nervous system and is a viable alternative to synthetic pharmaceuticals pushed by modern medical practices. For this reason alone, we encourage everyone to learn and share more practical uses for Cannabis products.


Green Team Rewards!

Does this sound like YOU?

Are YOU a highly motivated individual who enjoys speaking about the Cannabis plant?

Do YOU suffer or know someone suffering from chronic pain?

Have YOU always wanted to be a part of the dynamic Cannabis industry?

Would YOU like to get rewarded for helping people learn about the amazing medical potential of Cannabis?

If YOU said Yes to any of the above, this is YOUR opportunity to get up close and personal with the Cannabis industry!


We are excited to announce our Cannabis Ambassador rewards program! If YOU think you've got what it takes to share the miraculous healing stories of Cannabis and think YOU would be a good fit to become a hero to those suffering from chronic pain, we want to hear from YOU.

We’re looking for enthusiastic folks to HELP spread the good word about the miracle properties of the Cannabis plant. If you are highly motivated by this plant and want to be a part of one of the most exciting industries alive, then this is YOUR calling.

Join our Power Patients platform and get involved!

It’s FUN and REWARDING, but BEST of all, it's impactful on everyday people who are looking for alternative medical therapies for their conditions. As a Power Patient, you can make a positive impact in a Mainer's life.

If YOU are already in the Cannabis space as a producer or wholesaler or are trying to break into the industry and are seeking expanded opportunities, we want to hear from YOU. Valid Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program (MMMP) credentials are required for participation.

Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program (MMMP) exists to ensure and facilitate an efficient, responsible and legal medical Cannabis environment within the State of Maine.

Drop us a line and we will be in touch  Contact Us (

Compassionate Care with kindness and NATURE's knowlege


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