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Supporting LOCAL

The B&B Network


At the core of the B&B Network philosophy is a deep commitment to local small businesses and connecting people and products together and helping one another. We are Local Mainers Helping Mainers.


Maine Statewide Home
Delivery of Everything


In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is king, the B&B Network reigns supreme in this realm. Most of our products are available for home delivery, allowing customers to connect with Maine’s finest offerings from the comfort of their homes. This service isn’t just about ease; it’s about bringing the best of Maine directly to your doorstep, all in one place in a localized way not by big corporations. To top it off you will have access to a personal dedicated local friendly member of our team who will be your daily delivery specialist and go-to for all your needs and wants. You name it we got it, or we will get it for you!

We also offer local pickup near you, and we ship all Legally Allowable products across the country.

The B&B Network also has access to the largest selection of Medical Cannabis Products from Caregivers across the State.

Membership has its PRIVILEGES

Privacy, security, and Constitutional protection are just a few of the benefits to the members of our Private Member Agreement.

Our private network allows our members to share and discuss information (including alternative healthcare modalities) without concern for governmental sanctions.

he U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that our freedom of assembly and association cannot be violated.

Being a member of our Private Member Agreement allows us to share numerous and continuously evolving/expanding technologies, products, and information with you.

Local Partnerships for a

Local Touch


What sets this delivery service apart is its emphasis on local partnerships. Collaborating with nearby businesses, farms, and artisans, the service ensures customers have access to the best Maine offers. From fresh produce to handmade crafts, the Home Delivery of Everything Service supports the local economy while providing diverse products for customers to choose from.

These partnerships go beyond mere transactions; they embody a shared vision of supporting and uplifting the vibrant community that defines Maine’s unique spirit. As residents browse through the virtual aisles of the service, they are not just selecting products; they are choosing items that have a story, and a connection to the people and places they call home. These local partnerships create a sense of belonging, as every purchase becomes a vote of support for the community’s growth and prosperity. Additionally, this initiative also helps boost the state’s economy and ensures that your money stays in Maine and goes to local Mainers.

The backbone of this service lies in our state-of-the-art logistics infrastructure. A well-organized network of delivery vehicles, distribution centers, and strategically located hubs ensures timely and efficient delivery to every corner of the state efficiently.

What Our Customers Say

Best place around by far. Knowledgeable staff and very friendly. Prices are very reasonable and all their products are test with proof of test right on the package.
Rick Wright
Top-notch service and friendly staff make this the ultimate destination. Reasonable prices and tested products ensure peace of mind with every purchase.
Brian Olson
Hands down the best place around with knowledgeable staff and friendly service. Their reasonably priced products come with proof of testing right on the package.
Rick Wright
B&B Cultivation in Denver exceeds expectations with a welcoming atmosphere, knowledgeable staff, and a diverse selection of cannabis products to meet any need.
Aaron Lafond
B&B Cultivation in Raymond, Maine offers top-notch CBD vape and high-quality weed, along with delicious taffy. Definitely worth a visit if you're in the area.
Aviator kings
Great place and environment they will let you know anything even if you are not a patient they teach and explain everything from CBS oil to cartridges and edibles and of course flower.
Louis Roewer

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Genetics On™ is a private member-based community resource platform. We are like-minded people that help and support each other with fundamental information pertaining to personal health, unregulated freedom, positive lifestyle, and lawful processes that protect the individual rights of living men and women. We believe in uncontaminated clean food and unbiased education. Our member-based community concentrates on delivering the resources needed for successfully living and operating in private jurisdiction free from medical censorship.

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