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Selling Cannabis,Crystals, Spiritual Products & More

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Maine's Finest Wellness Center

Welcome to Purity, Potency, and Consistency

"Cultivate Good Vibes!"

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Crystals, Gems, Spiritual Gifts & More


We are excited to meet you!  Come say hi, and see what we have to offer.  We stand by everything we have in our medical facilities with premium flower, distillates, and edibles. We also have a full line of CBD products including salves, lotions, pet products, and tinctures!!


$29.99 Medical Marijuana Cards & Renewals!

Available Statewide W/ Shipping Fee*

In-Person & Online Appointments Available

Call us at 207-655-6373 



Current Promotions!

We love our customers, which is why we have promotions for new and regular customers! We have military discounts, a loyalty program, and Crazy Deals all the time! Visit our store to learn more.


Full Line of CBD Products, Glasswares, and Accessories

You don’t need a MMJ Card to enjoy the relief of CBD products.  We have a full line from salves, to tinctures, to lotions, even treats for your pet.  Enjoy the relief with no psychoactive effect! 

We also carry a full line of fine glass from around the country including Snoop Dogg wares, amazing animals, and the rest of your smoking needs.

Why We're Better...

We are often asked how we can provide such pure medical cannabis consistently to our patients.  By using science, technology, and a dream team leading the charge, we have found the answer. 

High-Tech cannabis may be the only way to provide such potent medicine with such purity. Clean, smooth, potent, certified prime medical cannabis. 

We begin with excellent stock  and bring it to its maximum potential in a culture of proven science and  state-of-the-art technology. We use precise climate controls, environmental enhanced lighting conditions using  Led energy efficient lighting and lots of LOVE, add knowledge of a  Licensed Master grower, through in  a cutting edge security system and you complete the package. 

Lab testing of all our products ensures that heavy metals, molds, and other harmful substances stay out of our  products. That means your final product is cleaner, healthier, and safer than any medicine you have experienced.  Most importantly, our medicine is POTENT! 

We are Veteran-owned and operated. 

Fully LED Efficient Lighting

Our state of the art facility operates with the most advanced LED lighting in the WORLD. This system ensures we have the lowest impact on the environment and saves our business a ton of money on energy consumption. As a consolation bonus, B&B Cultivation is truly one of the greenest indoor Cannabis gardener! 

NO carbon footprint.

LED lighting insures the plants get the exact wavelengths they need at the right times.

LED technology offers controlled balanced light designed to benefit both the pants we grow and the environment we live in.

Conventional grow lights generally peak in some color spectrum’s and are lacking in others, giving the plant an incomplete and/or irregular spectrum. LED’s produce vibrant plants and cost a fraction of energy to operate compared to conventional lighting, giving them the clear advantage as a long term choice for sustainability.

Meet Our Team...

Mr. & Mrs. Browdy, CEO/Founders

B & B Cultivation, honest and reliable products every time!
“Cultivate Good Vibes!”

What our Customers say

Scott Duclos
Read More
Shawn and his wife Alissa are great people with great products. I’m new to the right side of the marijuana legislation and have had the opportunity to visit a couple shops and b&b is by far the best one around. They can answer any question you have and fill any need as well if your your looking for a family like feeling and a straight up place you NEED to go to b&b cultivation. Hands down the best place to go!! Oh yea and they have everything from hard candies, caramels, chocolates, runs/creams and the list just keeps going on. Literally everything you need/want with the best prices in town!! Check them out, it’s well worth the time.
Louis Roewer
Louis Roewer
Read More
Best place around by far. Knowledgeable staff and very friendly. Prices are very reasonable and all their products are test with proof of test right on the package.
Aaron Lafond
Aaron Lafond
Read More
After having lived in Denver for over a decade I became used to certain things. B&B Cultivation delivers on all fronts! The store is open and welcoming with awesome wood beams to accent the open feel. Plenty of light to see all the product which ranges from CBS product to full fledged THC delights. The staff is super friendly and helpful and totally willing to answer any questions. With an outstanding array of flower to choose from any of your medication needs can be met. I would recommend B&B to the most seasoned cannabis user to those needing a guiding hand. Let B&B Cultivation help get you medicated with whatever cannabis product you need; edibles, vape, CBD, salves, and accessories, B&B has what you need.
Todd Morey
Read More
Great deals and sales all the time. Quality product very happy every visit
Brandon Dulac
Read More
Awesome business, great prices and sales with a good selection.
Dark Thadark
Read More
Michael Harmon
Read More
Great place and environment they will let you know anything even if you are not a patient they teach and explain everything from CBS oil to cartridges and edibles and of course flower. Great place to go
Aviator Kings
Aviator Kings
Read More
Great place, great atmosphere, beautiful setup inside. Lovely couple, they really do take care of you. I purchased some taffy and some capsules, I can say the the capsules definitely did a lot better than the taffy by far. If you are looking for a good balance of thc and cbd then the capsules will be your best friend. Thank you guys so much really appreciate it.
Tryston Clement
Read More
Very professional storefront with excellent service I definetally recommend checking these guys out if you want very high quality products and good service!!!
Deion Paige
Read More
Got my medical card through their services couldn’t be more pleased with the meds I purchased off them. Their Delta-9 Distilliate is amazing, it works so quickly with a good clear head buzz and a nice relaxing body buzz. I really recommend to go in and talk with their staff about your needs. They’re highly knowledgeable and friendly any needs you have im sure they can help accommodate.
Nicole Parsons
Read More
Wonderful atmosphere, nicely set up, great products and prices! Most of all Shawn and crew are great!
Brian Sullivan
Read More
Great people who care about helping people in need
Ben Forbes
Read More
Best service and best medicine, bar none.
Read More
Great Experience , Best Prices , Real people helping real Mainers , this group of people are the best Ive came across in a long time . They helped me recieve my Maine Medical Patient Card for the best possiable price .There menu is loaded with the best goodies at a great price. They make sure your all set and help you know everything you need to get the best health care . They have great deals too and seasonal specials ! They are a rare gem in Maine and I think everykne needs to really come and find out , they have something special thatbonly you can experince being serviced by them . They make you feel speical and truly happy to be there along side their team ! They help me get everything I needed and they deliver too! This is special place come check it out for yourself , you will be very happy you did ! Thats coming from a local Mainer who is active in this community and knows good health care !
Albert Bellao
Read More
Shawn Browdy an his wife and there master grower are the best they really care about there patients an bend over backwards for us myself an my wife have been there patients from day one they provide top shelf quality for us an are always there for us when needed an there master grower Luke Jalbert does an amazing job with growing out meds! This was the best decision we made having B&B Cultivation as our caregivers!! If your looking for caregivers we definitely recommend B&B cultivation they will treat u right!!
Bobby the Barber
Read More
Will be honest and by the book all clean and well taken care of meds.
Sensible Dan
Read More
Great guys, very professional
Mr. & Mrs. James Burns
Read More
Oh Yeah.. This Is We're it's @ .Pure 🔥🔥🔥. If your looking for some Great-Top Quality Flower & Medical Marijuana products around Check out... My good friends @ ..B&B CULTIVATION.LLC . Is We're you wanna BE !! B&B does really care ,they listen to there Patients & public feed back !! 😍😉😊😇😷😆 # Very Satisfied # Long-Term MMJ patient @ B&B Cultivation llc 😉 #1 of my favorite things they do @ B&B cultivation , They Test all there Flower/Marijuana For. Mold & Heavy Metals !! Beneficial 2- those who suffer from many health issues severe * 2 NO YOUR GETTING A TOP NOTCH 😉 CLEAN PRODUCT ? Thats Priceless 😉😍 " Good Vibes" Jennifer Clark Burns Long-Term MEDICAL MARIJUANA PATIENT HAPPY & PROUD 2-B MMJ -PATIENT / SUPPORTER " CULTIVATING GOOD VIBES " @ B&B CULTIVATION llc. Bridgton. Maine
Luke Jenks
Read More
Shawn Browdy
Read More
Don Gagliano
Read More
Gary Gomes
Read More
Cody Kilton
Read More
FirstLouigi Maffei
Read More
Alissa Browdy
Read More
Matthew Howard
Read More
Brian Olson
Read More
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